Werewolves are not just a bedtime story anymore . . .

The Paths We Walk

I can't begin to thank those people enough who have commented on Amazon and privately. I have been selling books on a regular basis, and I find the greatest joy in hearing others enjoying my story, and wanting the second story as soon as possible.

I have about 50 pages left then it goes off to the BIG EDIT and so it is projected to be ready by the end of this summer. It is exciting for me to get this done after working on it for so long. It is a juggling act to be sure, and my kids aren't always thrilled to see me working; but I believe we are coming to an understanding. 

I am adding every fan picture I can get my hands on. Please keep them coming, it makes my day every time I see a new one!


Welcome to Ubiquitous!

There are a few things I want to explain about this website. First as a mother to 9 I will try to respond to any and all emails sent so please don't abuse the "contact me" button. ;)

Second on the contact me page you can order a signed copy of the book. I plan to have other things available as well but my time is limited. So far I have book marks. They are pretty awesome if you ask me. :) when you order I will send you a PAYPAL sales invoice and will not mail your purchase before it is paid.

Third you are free to comment on anything I blog, as long as the language is clean you can say or ask anything. I may or may not respond. Again, my time is very limited and I am still writing. 

Fourth I promise to have  the second book out as soon as possible. It is in the editing stage, and that can take some time. 

Fifth I would love to hear from you! Happy reading!



I don't know about the rest of you but I am ready for some nice weather!

I hope you are all ready for a new book too, paper back should be out in the next few days. I am close to finishing the second story, it is in edits right now, then proofing, and for sale. I can't wait. 

 here is the new book mark!

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well you get the idea! 


Cover Art

The Cover is DONE! It should be available for sale in the next week or so. So excited to see it at last. 

Thanks go to  Elizabeth Mackey for this amazing cover.



Publishing Ubiquitous

Publishing Ubiquitous has been a process for me, one I am eager to see the final step of completion (in the form of bound pages).

I have also begun a children's series, that will most likely become available in October. (more on that to come.)

I chose this website back drop because the forest is very like where the werewolves have been hiding for centuries. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I did, and that you will leave comments for me. :)


My Thoughts...

Through books Libraries cast light and knowledge into the darkened, faceless, confines of an under used mind.

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